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What people are saying about my latest novel

What people are saying about my latest novel

“This story about two classical composers at the turn of the eighteenth century is a racy and fast-moving adventure. The story originated as a film script and the novel retains a filmic sense of pace as Lynn hurtles through the hectic composing career of Rossini as well as his no less hectic love life. It’s an action novel where much of the action goes on in bedrooms. It is the opposite of stuffy as Lynn guides us through to his powerful closing scenes when the author reveals his reason for Rossini’s abrupt composing drought.” 

– Wyn Davies, Director of Music, Opera New Zealand, and, in the UK, conductor of the Buxton Festival,  the Hallé Orchestra, and with Opera North


“I read your ‘Secret’ book. I started it one night and stayed up half the next night till I finished it. Had to. I absolutely loved it. And… it’s so, so credible!”

– Rae Travis, The Print Studio, Auckland


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Posted: Monday 17 October 2022


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