Writer, opera singer, film director and producer

A gripping novel based on real people, real events, and true stories, in the lives of two of the greatest composers the world has ever known.


An outrageously funny story of pursuit, heartache and romance, from Wales to New Zealand, in the Swinging Sixties.


It's hard to pin Lynn John down.

He’s a published novelist, and stage, opera and broadcast writer of screenplays, stage-plays, television series for children and parents, television drama series, language and drama textbooks, travel articles, opera librettos, children’s story animations, and cookbooks. He’s written, directed and produced short films, fictional and documentary. He’s an opera singer with New Zealand Opera. He’s travelled in the Pacific and recorded indigenous music on a Winston Churchill Fellowship. He trains male voice choirs…

Because no one told him he couldn't.


Listen to Lynn's interview with Kathryn Ryan on Radio NZ


Lynn John A Secret Never to be Told
Boyo book coming soon


What's inside?...

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