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The poor Italians

The poor Italians


An extract from “Roll Jordan, roll”

Sung by the North Shore Male Choir, Auckland, New Zealand, 2012.


Walking the streets of Florence with my friend, Avio

Sitting in a trattoria in Florence and talking food

“I am eating a salad piled high with fresh greens, ripe tomatoes, green olives, goat cheese and beetroot, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar,” says Avio. “It cost me five Euro. Oh, the poor, poor Italians! Americans have burgers and fries to get fat on, the English have pies and chips and tomato sauce, and the French have Le sandwich! The poor Italians!”

I am sitting opposite him, half-way through a ribolitta - my favourite Florentine dish. Seven Euro. Poor Avio.


Posted: Thursday 5 May 2022


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