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Singing 'Calon Lan'

Singing 'Calon Lan'

I love singing with my friends in the North Shore Male Choir (who sometimes morph into the Llareggyb Men’s Choir when they’re travelling) - especially ‘Calon Lân’. The music of ‘Calon Lân’ was composed by John Hughes and the words written by Daniel James,  just two miles from where I was born, in Mynyddbach,  Swansea, South Wales. And in 2012, the Welsh group, Only Boys Aloud, sang ‘Calon Lân’ on the British ITV show Britain’s Got Talent, coming third in the final. It has since become the most-watched Welsh-language video on YouTube.

Walking the streets of Florence with my friend, Avio

Frittelle at Caffè Libertà

“People tell me that Caffè Libertà make these sweet rice balls – frittelle – and they are the best in Florence. So I want some. But no matter what time I come in, they have sold out of frittelle. I am starting to be suspicious. I have been coming for eleven months now and they have always sold the last one. I think they do not make them. I think they tell people they make them. That way they are always just selling the last one and always making the best, yes?”

“Aiee!I have just learned the truth! Caffè Libertà only offer their frittelle for one month in the year. February. They have plain frittelle with raisins and rum, and they have frittelle crema - with custard. The best is the plain one because it is the one I have just put into my mouth. The best one is always the one you have just put into your mouth.

This is my philosophy for life. Who cares which one is the best? We must learn to enjoy everything – especially what you have in your mouth right at this moment. As that famous Florentine, Alberto Einstein, say, “Your problem is you think you have time.”


Posted: Thursday 10 February 2022


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