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Avio and the Bad Feeling

Avio and the Bad Feeling

Walking the streets of Florence with my friend, Avio

 “Before I am married, there is this woman. Sometimes I live with her, sometimes I do not. She is too married. She does not have a husband – or a wife – but she is too married. She lives in Milano. She comes to live with me when she find out I am in Florence, and we have a story. I go to Paris or to Rome or to London, and the story is finished – until we have another story. But she phone me and say, ‘Avio, I have a bad feeling’. I say, ‘What is this bad feeling?’ She say, ‘What have you done?’ I say, ‘What do you mean, what have I done?” She say, ‘I have a bad feeling’.”

Avio stops and stares at me, waiting.

“OK! OK!” I say, “What had you done?”

“I know what I have done. When I arrive back in Firenze, I go to Argentine Tango sessions. I have this partner who dance with me who is very woman, with beautiful thighs and strong calf muscles. 

“We had a story one day. We couldn’t stop after a Corrida del Pie and a Left Foot Shoeshine. It could not last. So why do we have a story? Because a bad story is better than no story. 

“But this is not the bad feeling woman. This is the reason for the bad feeling woman to have the bad feeling.”


Posted: Wednesday 7 September 2022


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